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FraudArmor™ Check Protection

How do you offer such low prices?

By keeping our company costs low, Checks SuperStore® is able to offer you attractive designs at low prices. We are able to process orders faster and assist our customers more quickly by providing convenient online ordering and by servicing our customers via e-mail. We turn our savings around to you, our valued customer by offering up to 75% off bank check prices. Checks SuperStore is proud to offer you the Checks SuperStore on every design, every day. We know you will be pleased with your order and look forward to building a lasting relationship for all of your check product needs.

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I just opened a new account, what documentation do I need to order checks?

Please have a temporary check (not a deposit slip) in front of you for reference while ordering. Your check information MUST match the records on file at your financial institution. All orders are subject to verification. Please review all information you have entered, double-checking against the information on your existing checks.

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I always thought you had to order checks from your bank?

You can order checks anywhere you choose. Our checks are convenient to order, meet all bank requirements, and are often priced significantly lower.

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What payment methods are accepted?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, AMEX and Discover. Only reorder customers may pay by electronic check.

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How long does it take to get my checks?

Please click here for Delivery Options.

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Why don't you print for foreign accounts?

This is due to differences in the way bank information is printed on the checks.

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How do I reorder checks online?

Reorders with no changes (other than check design) can be placed using Express Reorder by referencing your reorder slip provided in your last order. If you wish to make changes to your personalization, you should not use Express Reorder. In this case, simply use our convenient normal online ordering tools and update your information as desired.

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What should I do if I know there are changes occurring at my bank?

Contact our Customer Service Department via the Contact Us page. Our representatives can confirm if we have the changes in our systems. If we do not have these changes on file, we may ask you to obtain and send additional documentation from your bank with your order.

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What is your customization policy?

Checks SuperStore reserves the right to refuse to print or produce any customized features on checks or coordinating products that do not meet our quality guidelines. Customized features may include but are not limited to: text message lines and other text that may occur within names, titles, slogans, addresses, phone numbers or email addresses.

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Where do I get the pricing I see in emails?

Periodically you may see emails with special offers. The offer or promotion code in the email can be entered at the cart during your checkout process. Online ordering provides convenient shopping 24 hours a day and the ability to preview your order for accuracy.

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Why are premium checks priced higher than standard checks?

Many of the checks in the Premium series use images that require licensing fees, making them costlier to produce. Also, some Premium checks have special features such as embossed stock, which is more expensive than standard stock.

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Can I order online for just accessory items?

Yes, we offer the convenience of ordering Address Labels, Checkbook Covers, Personalized Stamps, and many other items online.

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How many lines of information are allowed on checks?

We are able to print five lines, 35 characters each, in the upper left corner.

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Is it possible to print a five-digit check number?

At this time we are not able to print a five-digit check number.

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What are the dimensions of your personal checks?

The size of our personal checks are 6" x 2¾".

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Are the colors on the web site accurate?

Product images on this site are representational only. We make every effort to represent the images as accurately as possible. However, the actual color of the product you receive may differ slightly from the color perceived on your computer.

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Help with a placed/received order

Please email our customer service department via our Contact Us page with any questions or concerns. Our customer service representative will be in touch with you within 24 hours during standard business days.

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Why were my checks lighter in color than I expected?

We are required to follow requirements specified by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) for certain areas and color densities on the checks. This can make certain areas very light and can cause ghosting of the images. We make every effort to keep the checks as brilliant as possible within these standards. These requirements are there so that your bank can read the written information off of your check.

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May I return an unopened box of checks or other products for a refund or credit?

Because your checks are personalized, we cannot return them to stock. Checks SuperStore wants to offer you great savings on bank checks; therefore we can only give refunds for quality issues or if we have made a mistake with bank account information within the first 30 days after purchase. Checks SuperStore is not responsible for customer grammatical errors; please ensure that personalization information is correct before submitting your order. For non-personalized products that have been shipped incorrectly you may return them by mail within the first 30 days after purchase. Checks Superstore will send you a return mail envelope to facilitate process. Please email our customer service department via our Contact Us page with any questions or concerns.

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Did the order I just placed go through?

Within 24 hours you should receive a confirmation at the e-mail address you provided. If you do not, it is possible that the e-mail address was entered incorrectly or that your order was not received. After 24 hours you can check the status of your order via our Order Status tool.

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I received only part of my order. When will the rest arrive?

If you selected Secure Trackable delivery, your check boxes will be shipped together, with any accessories arriving separately. NOTE: If you selected non-trackable mail for check delivery, it is not uncommon for the check packages to become separated in the postal process by as much as ten business days.

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Will my entire order ship with the same delivery?

If you choose Secure Trackable delivery, your checks will be shipped all together. If you selected non-trackable mail, your check boxes will ship individually and could arrive as much as ten days apart. Please note, accessory products will ship separately via the U.S. Postal Service.

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The checks I received have different numbers on them than what I submitted with my online order. Are they okay to use?

Many bank changes are updated in our system. Please call your bank to verify any changes in their routing and/or account numbers. If we have made a mistake, we will gladly reprint your checks. Please use our Contact Us page if needed.

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Can I change/cancel my order online?

Our computer systems automatically route many orders to be produced immediately. Due to the efficiency of our systems, you are not able to make changes or cancel your order after it has been submitted. Due to this, we ask that you please review your information carefully before submitting your order.

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What is FraudArmor?

FraudArmor offers its customers Fully Managed Identity Fraud Recovery services which include: Lost Document and Lost Wallet Assistance; optional Internet Monitoring Services with activation; check replacement; and may advance funds for losses from your checking account, up to $25,000 (that will later be credited back to FraudArmor by the Financial Institution), based upon a fraudulent act that involves a check or checks from an eligible check order or any other type of identity theft. FraudArmor provides a certified Resolution Specialist to guide you in the management of the identity theft recovery process and assist with replacing critical documents that are lost, stolen, or destroyed (e.g. professional licenses, passports, birth certificates). In addition, FraudArmor provides an optional proactive Internet Monitoring with activation for up to 13 personal or business credentials to detect potential fraud occurring on high-risk internet sites such as black market, secret chat rooms, and underground forum sites. FraudArmor service is available for up to one year from the date your check order is shipped or until your use of the last check in your check order, whichever comes first.

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What does "fully managed" mean?

Fully managed means that in addition to advising customers on the best procedures to help prevent fraud or to respond to a fraud event, a Resolution Specialist can also act on behalf of customers by obtaining an executed limited power of attorney form.

If you suspect you are the victim of identity fraud, you will be assigned to a professional Resolution Specialist. Your Resolution Specialist will:

  • Securely deliver, via overnight mail or electronically, the required documentation to begin the Fully Managed Recovery process.
  • Work under the authority of your Limited Power of Attorney to deal directly with the Financial Institution and/or 3 credit bureaus.
  • Perform research and fraud remediation on your behalf, as needed, until the fraud has been resolved.
  • Provide 12 months of regular follow-up and one-bureau credit monitoring once the recovery case is completed/closed.

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Does FraudArmor apply to both personal and business?

Yes, FraudArmor works for both personal and business accounts.

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What is the process to submit a fraud?

Step 1: Call 1-866-923-0452, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to speak with a FraudArmor representative. A Resolution Specialist will be assigned to you and will be available Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 9:00 pm Eastern Time.

Step 2: Your Resolution Specialist will provide and help you complete the paperwork needed to begin your fraud remediation.

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How can I learn more about FraudArmor?

Please go to for more information about the services and a complete list of terms and conditions.

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