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Two Fun Hello Kitty Checks for You

The fictional character Hello Kitty burst onto the Japanese marketplace back in 1974 and she was created by Yuko Shimizu. With the success of Hello Kitty in the Japanese market, she hit the United States market just two short years later in 1976. Hello Kitty is an adorable white bobtail cat who sports around a red bow on her left ear. You can find Hello Kitty merchandise geared towards all ages, from infants clear up to senior-aged adults and die-hard Hello Kitty collectors are passionate about their kitty collections! Here at Checks SuperStore we have two Hello Kitty checks styles in-stock and ready to ship to you.

Our Hello Kitty Blooms Side Tear Checks come in a box of 125 checks and each pack has 4 adorable Hello Kitty designs. These checks are super cute and come in 4 different pastel colors and are very delightful and happy. To match these design we have self-stick address labels and a leather checkbook cover as an additional purchase.

If you prefer, we also have our Hello Kitty Classic Checks that come in a box of 125 checks and each pack has 4 different cute Hello Kitty designs. These designs have a darling polka dot background in soft colors and fun designs that you will love! For an additional purchase you can pick up our matching self-stick address labels and leather check book cover as well.

For all of our Hello Kitty fans, you will love these 2 personal checks packs that are perfect for your collection to remind yourself each day why you enjoy Hello Kitty products. Thanks for shopping with us!

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