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Tips to Save Money at Home

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Saving money is a habit that we all need to get used to doing on a daily basis. While it is nice to be able to shop freely and not have to worry about finances, reality is that everyone is looking to tighten their finances, just a bit. Whether you are trying to save on a big purchase or you are looking to save a little bit each day so there is more money at the end of the month, there are plenty of tips to save money that you can easily incorporate into your life style. Here are a few of my favorites that that help you.

1) Buy Used Cars: Over the years, I have developed a thing about being hit with the immediate depreciation of a new car. It is not money that can you can recoup at all so having the lately greatest car or truck has lost its glimmer and shine for me. The old saying used to be “why buy someones else’s problems” when buying a used car, and that can be true in a sense, however if you purchase your car from a reputable dealer with a good warranty, you are still saving thousands of dollars over the price of a new vehicle and you are not eating the depreciation either. Look for cars that are between one year and five years old from dealers that used them as loaners and you will get a solid vehicle and a great savings. Pay cash and save even more by not making payments!

2) Shop Discount Stores: With all of the online retailer offering closeouts and discounts, it is not hard to find just what you are looking for at huge savings. Instead of buying the latest and greatest new laptop or appliance, pick up a closeout model for half price or more. Clothe the whole family at discount prices by shopping smart and never paying full retail. It may take a bit more time, but the savings are worth it.

3) Maintain What You Own: Sometimes it feels like we are in a throwaway world. Electronics are getting cheaper so when something breaks, it is less expensive to replace it than repair it. That is fine for some items but for big ticket things like your home goods and cars, maintenance is the only way to save money.

Protect your home by maintaining your air conditioners and heating systems, appliances, roof and water systems so that you get the maximum, most efficient usage possible. Similarly, our cars are our lifeblood in many ways. Take the time to keep them maintains so you get the best mileage and they last for years to come.

Just these 3 tips to save money will take you far with your purchases and increasing the cash you are striving to save. Add them into your routine and keep track of your savings.

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