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Tips to Finding Free Money That Will Grow Your Savings

We all mean to have a big nest egg that we are paying into for retirement and for our rainy day fun. We even mean to have an additional Emergency Fund that we promised to keep adding to and growing as a cushion, just in case the car break, the water heater leaks or someone loses a job.

But the truth is, all good intentions aside, sometimes the money just doesn’t stretch far enough to feed all of those savings funds and keep food in our mouths too. We need to find ways to stretch our dollar and find some free money to use to pump up those retirement and emergency accounts. Here are some tips on what you can do.

Start decluttering the house and start listing your stuff on sites to sell it. When you start looking around your home, you will find hundreds of items that are stored and not used on a regular basis. All of these items represent free money that can be converted into cash; Cash that is critical for growing your nest egg.

Pick up a part time job freelancing. If you are in business, offer your skills for an hourly rate to others. If you work at home, you can do the same thing. What are you good at? What comes easily to you?

Start selling a product. There are hundreds of direct sales companies or multi level companies that you can sign up with and move some product you enjoy and use to make additional side income. Maybe you have your own idea of a product you want to sell on your own. Any additional sales means more money for you to apply to your savings.

If the kids are out of the house and you live near a college, think about renting out a room to a college student or traveling professor. Its not a lot of additional work, but can help offset costs and add to your cash flow.

If you have a website and are familiar with online sites, look at affiliate marketing, ads on your sites and other forms of improving your cash flow online.

These easy ideas are ones that you can work on to start increasing your cash flow in a matter of a few days and with zero investment to a very small investment on your part. The most expensive part is your time management. It can be done and you will soon be watching the savings grow.

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