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Tips to Save on Purchases at a Dollar Store

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I think folks generally want to save money on their purchases and for some using a dollar store can be a great tool in the savings department. With the increased popularity of dollar stores in the past 10 years or so, the idea seems to be that you are saving more money than by shopping at a regular chain store. While this is a generally true, there are some things that you should look for when shopping at your local dollar store.

Depending on the items that you purchase, not everything is a great deal. One thing to note is that for many items the size of the product can be different than what you find at a chain store. That is why you need to pay attention to sales flyers and sizes when shopping for any items are your regular stores and the dollar store.

Here are some tips to save on purchases at a dollar store in your area.


* As stated above, notate sizes. That is the biggest area of pricing difference. Figure out the price per ounce, inch, pack or whatever the configuration. With school shopping coming up, big packs of pens, pencils, notebooks and other supplies are going to be at big savings at every store. Take the time to write down the deals and compare prices for the best savings. Also think about business supplies at this time too!

* Name brands and off brands can be found at dollar stores. For instance, if you are looking for cleaning products, there are many name brands that are available that you used to find in larger stores. They may be in smaller packages so watch your ounce sizes. Off Brand names can work just was well, if you don’t care about a brand. They can bring you better savings. But there are plenty of name brands throughout the stores that you will recognize.

* Canned goods can be more expensive depending on the area you live in. I tend to buy only a few canned products at the dollar store because they are .40 -.50 a can cheaper than anywhere else. But others I can find cheaper. Watch the sales flyers and do the math when buying in bulk for good savings.

* Party supplies, decorations, gift wrapping supplies and floral decorations are a huge savings the dollar stores. It may not be the hottest style on the market, but you can save serious cash on these types of products.

* Books and magazines are at deep discounts. The dollar stores around me do not have big selections but you can find big name books at huge discounts. Same with puzzle books, which are addicting for some folks!

* Candy is usually a good buy and you can often find those hard to find brands that you enjoyed as a kid. Theater size boxes are often on sale at Walgreens, so watch for sales to determine the best value.

* Cheap activities for Kids can be found in bulk at the dollar stores. Heading out on a road trip or need summer activities for kids? You can find some find things for them to do especially if they are between 3 and 7 or so. Stickers, coloring items, journals and craft products are plentiful.

* Kitchen supplies like foil tins are cheap. I usually stock up when I visit the dollar store, especially around the holidays.

You can save on a lot of items while shopping at a dollar store. But you can also spend more per ounce, foot, item if you are not careful. Watch the flyers and compare prices for the best savings at any store.

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