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Summer Activities for Kids on the Cheap

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School’s out and millions of families all over are wondering what to do with the kids during the long, hot summer vacation. With an eye on the budget, some activities are out of reach for many, but being creative and looking for fun things to keep the kids engaged while not breaking the bank can be managed. We gathered together some great summer activities for kids on the cheap that we have used. Maybe they will work for you!

Here are 20+ inexpensive summer activities you can try this year


* Neighborhood Parks
* Neighborhood Pools
* Biking
* Water Balloons
* Turn on the Sprinklers
* Zoos
* Nerf Games
* Visit the beach/mountains/lakes – whatever is closest
* Picnic
* Bake Cookies
* Arts and Crafts activities
* Vacation Bible School
* Putt Putt Golf
* Fishing
* Red Box
* Discount Movies at the Local Theater
* Swap days with another Mom
* Visit Museums
* Parades, festivals and other local events put on by the town
* Camping trip
* Camp outs in the back yard
* Star gazing
* Treasure Hunts/Scavenger Hunts
* Community Events for Kids

There are so many fun things you can do with the kids that don’t cost a fortune. Check the local papers for free kids events too! Most towns have summer activities that are affordable. Share with us some of your ideas that you and your family use. Have a fun summer on the cheap!

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