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Not so Typical Uses for Address Labels

Self Adhesive address labels are a great way to quickly add your return address to your own going mail. Here at Checks Superstore we offer hundreds and hundreds of different styles for you and can even match your personal checks, making them a great choice for business and personal use. While address labels are “made” for that purpose, we know that their are many different ways to use them, allowing your purchase to get put to good use and therefore becoming a great tool to use around the house. Take a look at some other uses for the lowly address label.

Labels for Kids –

No one said you have to stick with the traditional text when you order your address labels. You can have anything printed on them, so with that in mind you can easily have your child’s name and a contact number placed on your label and use them for marking their school goods. Placing a label on their lunchbox means that it might make home another day. You can also label their notebooks and other possessions that go to school. With our cute kid friendly image, no one will be the wiser and you will save money and their possessions.

Labels for Household Use –

Self adhesive address labels can become your best friend when it comes time to using them in your home. I have used them when filing out forms like raffle tickets and as a make shift business card when I have run out. Just throw one on an index card and cut to fit. With a lovely image, it becomes very pretty too.

Another good use is when you are going to a potluck and you want to make sure your dishes, crockpot and serving spoons come back home. Use a label on the bottom or side of your dish and on the back of the handle of your serving spoon.

Labels for Business –

Using a label for business is easy to do if you choose a business style image and adding business information to your label. You can then use the labels on product that is shipping or on documents that are outgoing.

These are only some not so typical uses for using address labels. At Checks-Superstore you can order yours at 50% Off Bank Prices and with 1000’s of labels to choose from, you will have a great reason to look for fabulous uses for yours. All our address labels are self adhesive and come in quantities of 144, 288 or 576, so you can save even more.

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