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Have You Seen the New Image Checks

Sometimes we have an image in our head of exact what we love, dream about, or desire. It is plain as day in our brain yet finding the right image to portray it in real time can be difficult. That is especially true when it comes to buying checks. You know what you want, but you just cannot seem to find just the right photo or design that calls your name. With that in mind we have come up with a fabulous line of image checks that we call photo checks.
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Image checks, or photo checks, are a blank check base that you choose and then during the checkout process you can upload up to 24 different images that will be printed on your check in the place of a typical graphic or image. It is a great idea for moms that may want to showcase the children or business owners that want to show off their work projects. Maybe you are a pet lover of a unique breed of animal and you want to display him on your checks. Well, now you can. Do you have a specific dream home in mind or a favorite saying or quote? Upload an image of your desires and it will come to you on your checks ready to use and share.

Image checks are a great tool for any business marketer or anyone with a passion that cannot be displayed in a traditional check design. Stop by our main page and check them out. They are a great way to be creative and have fun while writing checks!

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