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Easy Ways to Save Money Around the House

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I don’t know about you but I hate to waste anything and that includes energy, food and even useful items that someone else could use. So I am always on the lookout for simple things that I can implement around the house to save a few dollars here and there. Any adjustment will make a difference and can add up to quiet a bit over the course of year.

So I was going through my list of some things I do at home and I wanted to share with you the changes I have made that are easy to do and allowed me to save money.

* Discover the Library: Utilize the public library for all of your books, books on CD and even some DVD rentals. They have a lot of resources that we tend to forget about that can save us money plus support this great free resource in our community

* Save on Laundry: Cold water washing will save you money on your energy bill and you get the same results. Also save on laundry detergents by using eco friendly alternative soaps or laundry balls that do not harm the earth and last a lot longer than traditional detergents. Also save money by doing laundry only when you have a full load. PLus line dry your clothes or run your dryer early in the morning or after 7 pm for higher energy savings.

* Ditch the Disposable Products: Stop buying disposable products like paper towels, paper napkins, paper plates, aluminum foil, plastic wrap, freezer bags, sandwich bags, etc. Instead invest in nice cotton napkins, microfiber towels, plastic reusable freezer and lunch containers. By switching, you can save up to $150 a year or more on your household budget.

* DVD Rentals: Renting cheap movies is great until you forget to return it a few days in a row or you rent a lot each month. Save your cash and look at online streaming alternatives like Roku, Hulu, Netflix, iReel, Crackle, Amazon and other online movies that can go right to your TV or computer now. Pay one flat rate per month instead of per movie.

* Print Publications: Almost all print magazines and newspapers can be found online through apps or on their websites. Save on printed copies by using your reader, tablet and computer or swapping with a friend.

These are a few of my money saving tips that I use around the house. What methods do you use?

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