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Start Saving Today By Cutting Your Food Bill

  It can be tough to save money when you are living check to check, just like most Americans do. Finding places to cut expenses is not easy but there is one area that you can cut to stash some … Continue reading

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Easy Financial Goals for the New Year

  We used to be a nation of savers. Lately we have become a nation of spenders and many people are struggling to take back control of their finances. With kids in school or even off to college or a … Continue reading

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How to Set Up a Budget You Will Actually Follow

I was researching how much the average American saved a year for this article and to be honest, it is a hard statistic to find. There is no hard and fast resource that says the average American saves XX dollars … Continue reading

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3 Budget Friendly Ways to Ring in the New Year

Everyone loves a party, its true, but throwing a party can mean big bucks when it comes down to it. Between the appetizers, drinks and decorations, throwing a big party can be a real budget buster. Since this is a … Continue reading

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Supporting Small Business Saturday

Thanksgiving weekend is a very busy one when it comes to retailers and shopping. Millions of businesses in the US rely on the sales made on Black Friday and on through Cyber Monday to gauge how their business will fare … Continue reading

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The Do Not’s of Budgeting

Most likely you have heard budgeting advice from just about everywhere. Those tips are very helpful, but there are also a few things you need to avoid to keep your budgeting on track. While there are some definite musts of … Continue reading

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Basic Budgeting Tips For Everyone

Americans seem to be in debt more than ever before thanks to the economy. However, it is important to keep your credit score high and your finances clean for emergencies that are certainly down the road. Here are some basic … Continue reading

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Low Cost Checks Are Easy to Buy Online

Remember back when you first got your checking account? Remember how excited you were? It was like a rite of passage! In many ways, it still is. You sign up for your account, make your minimum deposit and then you … Continue reading

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Looking for Top Stub Checkbook Covers?

Before computers and software that can mange your money and balance your books, we had to do things manually. Things like adding and subtracting all of our checks going in and out. We have to know where we were in … Continue reading

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Saving Money for College with a Checking Account

Something that almost every parent dreads is the nearly overwhelming task of saving money for their child’s education. There are a lot of different options to consider, and many of them can be passed directly to their child once they … Continue reading

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