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Tips on How to Budget Your Money

  The word BUDGET brings up some nervous tendencies in many people. We are not born ingrained with the knowledge of how to set up a budget and frankly, many people disregard a budget all together because they just don’t … Continue reading

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4 Tips to Recover From a Big Money Mistake

  I don’t think there is any one that has not made a money mistake in the past. Sticking to a budget plan can be tough and many of us fall off the wagon occasionally. It is a lot like … Continue reading

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Small Business Tips for Saving More Money

  I don’t think there is a business out there today that isn’t looking for more ways to save money. Budgets are tight and if there are options that will allow a savings to occur then many are taking even … Continue reading

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4 Bank Fees You Never Want to Pay

  It seems like very time I turn around or open a new bill, there are additional fees tacked on for this or that. It is a fact of life and very hard to control on our end. I think … Continue reading

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Money Saving Tips for Small Business Owners

  As a small business owner myself, I understand and know the struggles small businesses have when ti comes to saving money. Without the big budgets that the larger corporations have at their disposal, it can make it a lot … Continue reading

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Tips to Control Debt and Not Stress Out

  Does debt = stress in your life? I don’t care if you are low income, middle income or the top 1% of the income bracket with a mortgage on your castle, debt of some sort surrounds each of us. … Continue reading

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Are Checks Safer to Use Than Debit Cards?

  Prompted by a post on our Facebook page, I started thinking about the debit and credit cards systems and compared that to using a check. Here are some thoughts…   Our society is becoming more mobile with phones that … Continue reading

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5 Easy Fixes to Add More Cash Reserves to Your Savings

  I think every budget has some give and take where you can really tighten up a bit and add more to your cash reserves without feeling too much of a pinch. After all, no one wants to cut to … Continue reading

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Basic Budgeting Tips For Everyone

Americans seem to be in debt more than ever before thanks to the economy. However, it is important to keep your credit score high and your finances clean for emergencies that are certainly down the road. Here are some basic … Continue reading

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It is Easy to Order Quickbooks Checks Here

Millions of businesses from small to large reply on the expertise from the Quickbooks software program to handle their accounting. The software is easy to use and it makes doing your accounting and taxes a breeze. Run a few reports, … Continue reading

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