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6 Money Saving Tips for the Home

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Challenging yourself to find ways to save can be a bit like a game. With the cost of food and energy going sky high, looking for money saving tips at home can be a huge plus and add a bit of extra cash to your bank account too. Today we are going to look at some popular ways that you can save money at home.

One huge expense at home is your energy costs. Look at things that you can make changes to easily with dramatic effects like these suggestions below:

* Lower your water heater temps. Does your water really need to be scalding hot? Drop your temp a few degrees and save some serious bucks. Keep the thermostat around 171 if you sanitize and hand wash dishes

* Turn your A/C temp up and your Heater temp down. By changing the temperature on your thermostat by just a few degrees, you can enjoy bigger saving on your energy bill that can add up over time. If the family complains, adjust it a few degrees at a time so they can acclimate easier. Also make sure to adjust the temp when you leave the home for even more savings

* Take shorter showers. If you are on a water meter and pay for your water, reduce your consumption for more savings. Reduce garden and lawn watering to save more cash.

* Maintain your appliances for more efficient output. Appliances like water heaters, A/C units, pumps, septic systems and even our kitchen appliances are expensive. Get the most life out of yours by keeping them in top running condition. Get a maintenance plan that will pay for itself by keeping your items in good condition.

* Change Filters Often. Don’t make your home appliances work harder than they need to. Change and clean filters often for more efficient running. It is an easy way to save money by not overtaxing the system.

* Check for leaks in windows and doors. Sometime sealing your doors and windows can save a lot of money especially if you are in an older home. Cooling or heating the outside can be a big expense. Take the time to check for leaks and save more energy there.

All of these money saving tips for the home can add up to some serious savings. Take a few minutes today and add these to your honey-do list for saving money in your home and share with us some of your money saving tips. We could all use some extra cash around the house!

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