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5 Tips to a Cheap Holiday Season

Many of us are still feeling the pinch this year and with the holidays coming, it can be a stressful time. Finding gifts for all and planning for holiday meals may seem out of touch. But if you start early, you can still enjoy a festive holiday.

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Here are 5 tips you can use now to have a holiday season on the cheap!

• Start shopping now! There are great deals that happen all year long. Check out the deal sites like NoMoreRack, Zulilly and Hautelook. You can pick up a gift or two each payday and not have to worry about saving up a bundle for a one day shopping spree on Black Friday or worse yet, Christmas Eve!

• Draw names for gift giving! This is especially effective for large families and adults. Agree on dollar limits and age limits so that everyone is in agreement and no one is left out. Another option is to give one family gift to cut down costs.

• Go Homemade! Get out your crafting books or start scanning Pinterest for fabulous easy to make projects for gifts. Look for mason jar food gifts, DIY redo project ideas, and other craft ideas like crochet projects and more. The kids can participate too and create gifts for grandparents, siblings and parents too.

• Go Potluck! Plan one large family meal and go pot luck. Many families will rotate homes or have one meal at one home and then go off to another home for another meal or dessert. Share the costs and plan a potluck meal at one location. It can be crazy and fun too!

• Get creative with decorations! Create your own decorations from nature this year and still enjoy the beauty of the season. Leaves, berries, pinecones (spray painted or not), wheat stalks tied with a ribbon, fruit, pumpkins, gourds and even plants all make fabulous display pieces. Use tea lights, candles and small white light strands that are super cheap to enhance the display.

Saving money does not have to hurt! Start now and get creative with all of your holiday preparations and gift giving this holiday season to keep it painless, cheap and memorable too. Then start working on next year’s preparations and be ahead of the game!

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