Product # LB1MBS-MM ( Mauve Marble )

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It will not be as bright when printed to meet banking regulations.

Our Blank Stock Laser Business Voucher Checks in Mauve Marble have all the features you've been looking for in a business check with the versatility you require. For businesses that use one checking account and need a single check to handle payroll and accounts payable, our two open voucher format allows you to provide your vendors with a voucher, while maintaining one for your records. Compatible with most software programs, these checks feature a single check in the middle with vouchers at the top and bottom. These checks are easy to format for printing, and when printed with magnetic toner, meet bank requirements for acceptance.

Texture and design combine in our Mauve Marble checks to create a distinctively professional look. Paired with our double window envelopes, you'll eliminate the need for additional addressing of envelopes.
Checks SuperStore
Manufactured by: Checks SuperStore
Model: LB1MBS-MM
Product ID: LB1MBS-MM
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  250 Checks $25.95
  500 Checks $31.95
  1,000 Checks $48.95
  2,000 Checks $81.95
  3,000 Checks $110.95
  4,000 Checks $129.95
  5,000 Checks $149.95
  10,000 Checks $292.95
  20,000 Checks $579.95

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