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7 Top Money Saving Travel Tips

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School is getting out and summer is near. Summer time has one of the highest rates of travel the US. Millions of people take advantage of the great travel deals and time available to spend time with family and get out of town. Due to the higher than normal amount of travelers, prices can go substantially higher for many accommodations and travel methods. We all see the spike in gasoline the closer we get to a holiday; the same happens on airlines and other avenues.

To get prepared for your travel this summer, I want to share several ways that you can save on your summer travel. Lets take a look.

Top Money Saving Travel Tips

1) Book Ahead! This somewhat goes without saying however make sure to not only think about your method of transportation, but also hotels and rental cars too.

2) If you cannot book ahead, be flexible. This is especially true on cruise lines and hotels. You can grab huge savings if you can catch a cruise in a day or two.

3) Package plans do save you money. If you can book your flight, hotel and car together, you can usually save more than booking them separately. Plus it is a huge time saver too.

4) Definitely use the deal sites to your advantage. Orbitz, Travelocity, Hotels.com and those types of sites can save you money. Make sure to price several sites for your best savings.

5) If you have plenty of time, consider the train. Flying is great, but you may be able to save money depending on your destination by taking Amtrak and seeing the country.

6) Sign up for Travel Discount cards. Most hotels do give discounts for AAA and other travel discount cards. It is worth the investment to get the membership if you plan of traveling a lot.

7) Check with your credit card for travel services Larger credit cards like American Express do offer travel services that may save you money. Give them a call before you book your trip to see what additional savings you can get.

These 7 top money saving travel tips can help you save a lot of cash with your vacations this summer. Share your top tips with us too! We all love to save money!

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