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Tips to Find Great Deals for the Last Minute Shopper

It is hard to believe that it is almost Christmas. For those of us that prefer to keep our head under a rock, this is a shock! It might be time to get the shopping started so that those family members that live out of town will get their gifts on time. But if you are one of the last minute shoppers because of budget needs, take heart! There are plenty of inexpensive gift ideas for the last minute shopper out there. lets look at some tips I use to find great deals to fit into anyone’s budget.

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Shop Larger Retailers: Look at big box retailers that have a lot of inventory left that want to move product. They will be discounting more and more as the holidays get near.

Shop the Newspaper Ads: You will find coupons and discounts galore for local businesses and chains that want your holiday dollars. Some deals will only last for a short time, so make the most of them to save even more.

Shop Credit Card Deals: Some credit cards offer shopping on their sites with bonus points or cash back for shopping certain retailers. If you use your credit card for accumulating points for shopping sprees, now is the time to cash some in and get some free or reduced price gifts. Make sure to write a check when you make a purchase to pay the card off again when your bill comes in.

Shop in Unexpected Places for Great Buys: Look to smaller stores for different gift ideas that you may not think of normally for cheap gift ideas. Places like garden supply businesses, hardware stores, drug stores, auto supply stores and the like will have local artisans products and gift packs of products at lower prices.

Shop the Online Giants: The online giants are known for great prices so if you are diligent you can find great deals and in many cases, still get it where you need it to be before the holiday. Be careful that you are not losing your savings by paying for expedited shipping.

Take a look around for some real budget saving deals. I know you will be able to find them by using these tips and still have money for some Christmas treats!

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