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Start Saving Today By Cutting Your Food Bill

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It can be tough to save money when you are living check to check, just like most Americans do. Finding places to cut expenses is not easy but there is one area that you can cut to stash some cash. Your food bill is a huge expense for most families and the perfect place to start your savings.

Here are 15 Tips to Cut Your Food Bill

* Plan All of Your Meals – By taking the time to plan your meals for the week, you will not have to run to the store for last minute items – plus extras – or be tempted to hit the fast food places.

* Set a Food Budget – It is possible to feed your family on a set budget each week or month. Planning your meals will help by cutting down on those extra food purchases “in case” you decide to cook something different.

* Make Grocery Lists– By listing the food you need to fulfill your meal plan for the week you will be less inclined to throw extras into your grocery cart.

* Shop the Ads – Break away from shopping the same store week after week. Save money by shopping the ads at different stores. You can save big money.

* Leave the Family Home – It can add up fast when others are throwing additional goodies into the cart. Shop alone whenever you can to control the purchases.

* Buy in Bulk – Plan your purchases so you can buy in bulk whenever possible. Meat especially is easy to repackage into family serving sizes and then freezing.

* Coupons Work – Start clipping coupons on products that you do use. The savings add up quick.

* Use Store Cards for Discounts – Most grocery stores and chains have some type of savings card. Use them for additional discounts.

* Buy Store Brands When Available – Most store brands will save you money, unless you have a coupons for a national brand that is cheaper.

* Don’t Shop While Hungry – It is no secret that extra things get added into the cart when you shop while hungry. Have a snack before you go

* Compare Prices Between Fresh and Frozen – If produce is out of season or shipped in from some other country, it can be cheaper to buy frozen. Plus the fruits and vegetable are fresher that way too.

* Pay Cash – Always pay cash so you are in control of just how much you are spending. It is easy to lose track when using a debit or credit card.

* Grow Your Own – Plan for a veggie garden this coming year and save even more off of your grocery bill.

* Learn to Can – With your garden producing delicious healthy foods, learn to can and freeze your bounty for extra savings.

* Cut Down on Dining Out – Eating restaurant foods can add up fast and make a huge dent in your food budget. plan your eating out visit and add them into the budget if you must go out.

Give these tips a try when working on reducing your food purchases so you can start saving more cash. They do you if you are diligent at tracking your purchases and sticking to your budget!

What tips can you share with us that worked for you?

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