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Should I Invest in Flood Insurance for My Home and Business?

The rainy season is coming for many areas of the US. Maybe your area always gets a lot of rain, but for those in drought areas, a lot of rain can come with high risk. The ground is so dry … Continue reading

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Should I Consolidate Bills into One Loan?

  There are times in our financial history where we may feel overwhelmed by the amount of bills that we have to pay each month. Maybe you have experienced a job loss or a medical emergency that has added more … Continue reading

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The Best Financial Planning Apps

It takes practice and effort to find a suitable financial plan for your personal budget and also your business budget, should you be a small business owner. Many say that creating a habit can take up to 21 days. Tracking … Continue reading

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Pros and Cons of Online Banking

  Everything is becoming more and more mobile. With the onset of smart phones and everyone on the go, the growth of mobile banking has been increasing each year. Online banks have been around for many years and they do … Continue reading

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How to Avoid Bank Fees & Overdrafts [Infographic]

It is now extremely common for banks to charge minimum balance fees, fees for deposit/withdrawal slips, and fees for bounced checks. Accordingly it’s really important to stay aware of these possible fees to keep yourself from getting unnecessarily docked.     Here at Checks … Continue reading

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6 Tips on How to Pay Off Mortgage Faster

One of the biggest expenses that we have is usually the mortgage on the home that we live in. Making the choice to own a home is a huge step in any ones life. I have known plenty of people … Continue reading

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Classic Winnie the Pooh Checks Are Here

  Growing up, Disney was a huge part of our lives and for millions of people, it still is. With the theme park craze growing at a steady rate, it does not seem that the love for everything Disney is … Continue reading

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Emergency Financial Information Tips

  Preparing for an emergency can be so much more than having enough water on hand. You also need to prepare financially for an emergency too. This can be a medical emergency or a physical emergency. If you fell ill … Continue reading

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The Best Savings Account for Kids

Being able to save money is not only important for our retirement, large purchases like housing down payments and cars, emergency funds, but also for the economy as a whole. Learning to save money is not difficult, if it is … Continue reading

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Tips for Closing a Credit Card Without Hurting Your Credit Score

  Managing your credit score can be a big balancing act. The credit companies have been using a balance to limit ratio to determine your credit score and having that ratio move can impact your credit score positively or negatively. … Continue reading

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