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Our New Mini Boxes of Personal Checks are Here!

It is becoming more and more a digital age. So many of us use the debit or credit cards to pay for products right now instead of using checks. Many more use pay by phone or pay bills over the internet through banking portals. But we still need personal checks to pay for certain things such as our mortgages or bills we have to mail still. So many feel it is not worth it to buy a full box of checks anymore, so we decided to create a full line of check styles that offer the mini box of personal checks so you only get a few packs instead of a full box.

I used to go through 2 boxes of checks every 6 months or so and while I still write a lot of checks, I have been finding that paying online or having my bank send the payments was so much easier. Now I only need a few checks a month for those items I want to track my payments with or for grocery store purchases, etc. I know that a lot of our customers feel the same way, so we decided that our new mini boxes are a great alternative!

The Mini Boxes are a Half Box of the normal amount. Usually you get 6 packs in a box. With the mini box you will only get 3 packs. They still come in an option of Duplicates or Single checks and we have added hundreds of new designs exclusive to Checks Superstore where you can choose your new mini checks.

If you need just a half order of your next personal check order, give our new Mini Box a try. We think you will love the solution! Thanks for being our customer!

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