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5 Money Saving Apps You Should Use

In this day and age, mobile technology is becoming more and more prevalent in every thing that we do. With the latest technology comes the latest in apps and mobile add-ons for your phones and tablets that can change the way you do business, live and even shop. Today we are going to take that technology and look at some apps that you can use easily to save money before or during your shopping experience. After all, saving money is always acceptable and with these apps, you can put the power of a tool into some money savings for you.

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5 Money Saving Apps You Should Use to Save


The Ibotta app is a great tool for grocery shopping as well as beer and wine, health and beauty, apparel, electronics and more. It is free to download and it offers savings for particular items in the form of a cash pay out. I don’t know about you, but getting paid back for shopping has it benefits. This app allows you to unlock savings by store, unlock activities that will earn the cash back, when the purchase is completed. It does take a bit of planning ahead like any other pre shopping activity, but getting cash back is a big perk.

Swagbucks is a shopping portal and is great for earning points on shopping, printing coupons and doing activities. You can then turn those points into paypal cash and gift cards for hundreds of stores all over the US and the internet. You can use the Swagbucks site, toolbar and install the app to really add up your earnings quickly. The app is available through the iTunes App Store and Google Play for Andriod.

Groupon is still alive and well and now you can download the app to help you shop and save even more. Free for download, this app allows you to see local deals that are bought in bulk by those wanting to participate in the deal and when enough people buy the deal, it becomes live and usable. For instance, a restaurant may put up a 1/2 price meal that only 25 people can take advantage of. When those 25 meals are bought, the coupon becomes live, you pay for it and you got a great deal. This is great for local use and in over 500 cities.

Amazon Local Deals
Similar to Groupon, this app is an Amazon product. It allows you to set your preferences for local or national businesses as well as online merchants too. Set up notifications for your preferences so you only get deals on things that you want to see like restaurants, massages, etc. You receive the deal to your phone so no printing coupons. There are a lot more perks with the Amazon Local app. Definitely one to check out.

The Coupons App
This little power house is a free app that allows you to find, store and share coupons, find cheap gas, offers a barcode scanner for price comparison and much more. You can also ge free magazines, promo codes and plenty of deals.

There are also many free apps for coupons and discounts online in the app store on your mobile device. Check them out for additional savings and let your mobile device work hard at helping your save money on purchases.

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