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Find Your Beautiful Lighthouse Checks

Millions of people across the world love and collect lighthouses. Some love the beauty of the lighthouses and others are in-love with the history of the lighthouse itself. Visiting lighthouses and collecting lighthouses is a billion dollar industry and those who collect lighthouse items are passionate about their collections. For those of you who want to show off your love of lighthouses or your love of the beach and ocean, we have 3 beautiful lighthouse checks in-stock and ready to ship.

The Whales and Lighthouse checks by whimsical artist David Dunleavy are absolutely stunning! These checks feature 4 artistic whale designs with lighthouses in the background. They are sold in a box of 125 checks and are perfect for the whale and/or lighthouse collector.

The Painted Lighthouse checks feature 4 unique lighthouse scenes that are simply breathtaking! These checks are sold in a box of 125 checks and matching self-stick address labels are available as an additional purchase. If you love “classic” style lighthouses, this pack of checks would be for you.

The Lighthouses checks feature 4 lighthouse designs of lighthouses here in the great old USA. You will see the Portland Head Lighthouse in Portland Maine, the Algoma Pier Lighthouse in Lake Michigan, the Cape Vicente Lighthouse in Palo Verdes California and the Heceta Head Lighthouse in Florence Oregon.

These checks are sold in a box of 125 checks and self-stick address labels and a leather checkbook cover are available as an additional purchase. If you like the real thing when it comes to lighthouse designs, these checks are for you!

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