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Easy Check Taxi Form Carrier for Printers

If your business uses laser or inkjet printers to print your business computer generated checks, the you know the annoyance when you have to void one or two checks at the end of a run because they will not print properly. The 3 per page checks are affordable and save businesses a lot of money, so wasting checks at the end of the box seems so unnecessary. Here is some good news! The Check Taxi is a form carrier for your printer that is going to make life so much easier for you!

The Check Taxi will allow you to drive one or two checks that remain from your standard 3-per-page laser checks through the printer. It is so easy to use because the documents stick to an adhesive strip allowing you to print every check and waste none. The Check taxi is set up so you can also use it to print envelopes, labels and small or irregular documents. No more waste!

The Check taxi is affordable and a great concept to make sure you are not wasting time or forms. Every desk should have one to make life easier! Come on by, check them out and order them for your office today. You will wonder how you got along so long without one!

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