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Designer Checks by Lorrie Weber

Known for her fabulous Folk Art style, Lorrie Weber has created beautiful designs depicting a lovely country style. She is well known for her Prim and Folk style home and landscapes, Garden Angels, Prim Florals and many more. She has taken the love of tole painting and folk art to a new level by sharing her images and designs for use as beautiful personal checks. At Checks-Superstore, we offer a selection of several of her favorite images for you to enjoy too.
Designer Checks by Lorrie Weber image copyright http://checks-superstore.com
Found under our artist checks label, the designer checks by Lorrie Weber contain several check series that she is known for. Some of the designs that we offer include Americana, Holiday and Seasonal Designs, Angels, Needful Things prim featuring Saltbox houses and crows, Flowers, Birdhouses and general Folk art designs. I just love her talent and love sharing her talented work.
If you are a country girl and love the prim style, then you have probably seen her work and love it as much as I do. If you have not seen it, then I suggest you do a quick search for Lorrie Weber on our site and it will bring all of her works together for you that we offer. I think you will be a convert!
Come on in and place your order for the beautiful, whimsical designs of Lorrie Weber. You will be so glad you did once you get to enjoy them every time you write your check.

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