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Creative Ways to Make Extra Money

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Summer is near and for many that means vacation time. But it also means a time that your debt can add up quickly. It is easy to pull out a credit card and break the budget while on vacation unless you plan ahead and get those cards paid down and add some additional cash to your account. Staying with your budget and still being able to enjoy some time off may mean that you need to look for alternative ways to add some money to your bank account. For many people, finding creative ways to make extra money has helped fund the fun and drop the debt quickly.

Here are some creative ways that you can try to make additional income:

* Clean out the house and have a yard sale. Donate what does not sell
* Open an Ebay account and sell your personal items
* Open a reseller/wholesale account for products that you love. Work local venues like craft shows, street fairs, etc.
* Build a website and sell the products you are selling
* Resell products on Amazon and similar sites
* Get a paper route.
* Use your professional skills for freelance work
* Do side consulting work
* Write ebooks on topics you know and sell them on Amazon and other e-reader sites for instant download
* Do housesitting for vacationing friends/neighbors
* Walk pets for friends and neighbors
* Build and craft items for sale at local venues
* Turn something you love into a money making craft – cooking, baking, writing, cleaning, crafting, building, repairs
* Coach a Kids Teams
* Teach a sport to others
* Be a personal shopper
* Lease your RV, camper, boat or other similar toys, if you got them

These are just a few solid ideas that can be quickly turned into incoming cash. What ways do you use to make additional income for your family and to reduce your debt? We would love it you would share with us and others.

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