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Coca-Cola Checks Now Available

I know there are collectors out there that are just in love with anything that has to do with Coca-Cola. I know several myself! So today I am excited to tell you that we are carrying several check designs that are celebrating the classic Coca-Cola brand and the images. You Coke memorabilia lovers are going to love these!

We have brought into the shop these exciting checks and the designs are awesome. First off we offer a traditional Coca-Cola logo check series that contains 4 images of traditional Coke marketing images. Pretty and they make you thirsty too! That bottle of Coke sitting there really has me longing for an iced cold one about now.

We also brought in a check design that offers 4 images of the lovely Coca-Cola girl that would do marketing for the company as well. These old ads helped increase the popularity of the brand and they are in the traditional50’s style. Very Nice looking!

Finally we have a third pack that is also full of the glorious scenes of Coca-Cola retro signage that worked it magic right into millions of peoples hearts all over the world!

All of the packs are very cool and I do not know how I would choose just one! Are we bringing other designs? Hopefully soon, so keep your eyes peels for new additions to our Coca-Cola checks series and enjoy paying bills a bit more!

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