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Checkbook Calculator Wallet Keeps You In Balance

I don’t know about you, but keeping track of every dime is important to me for both my personal life and the business. I have caught myself writing our checks many times and forgetting to record them at the time due to being in a rush. Or I use my debit card and stuff the receipt in my bag until I get to recording them in a day or two causing me to worry. If you’ve ever forgotten an account balance or made a math error when paying your bills, we have a great tool for you to check out today.

Checkbook Calculator Wallet  http://checks-superstore.com

In the shop, we have a newly redesigned solar-powered checkbook calculator which features password security and memory for three separate balances. The newly beautiful vinyl cover includes a panel for your credit cards and cash secured discreetly behind your checks and an elastic pen loop. This checkbook calculator wallet is so easy to use and keep with you, it can take the place of having to carry a wallet and checkbooks separately. I love simplicity! Don’t you?

Now, it can be easier to record that debit purchase in a flash by adding it to your balance when you make a purchase. Plus you have a place to hold your receipt without having to dig through your purse or car. This calculator wallet makes life just a bit easier.

Have a need for a lovely stocking stuffer? Why not grab a few of these checkbook calculator wallets for gift giving this year. Moms and grandmothers will appreciate them so much! Or check our our line of beautiful leather checkbook covers. All are a lovely gift choice!

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