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Cheap Staycation Ideas for Summer Fun

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Schools all over the US are getting out and summer vacations have officially started! Millions of panicked parents that are watching their budgets and bank accounts are probably stressing out about now on how to amuse the kidlets each day and still scrape out a vacation too! That is where a staycation comes in!

What is a staycation?

A Staycation is when you block off a portion of your schedule like you would a regular vacation, but instead of taking a long trip to Disneyland or someplace similar, you do inexpensive day trips, stick around town or do shorter vacations closer to home.

Staycations came to fruition several years ago when the economy took a nose dive, gas prices when sky high and parents everywhere realized traditional vacations were not feasible due to tight budgets. There are loads of interesting things to do right around your neighborhood and adjoining cities that can be a fun activity for you and the kids that are more affordable and budget friendly.

Here are some popular and cheap staycation ideas for your summer fun


* Tent Camping – Always a favorite for kids! Local State Parks offer great deals
* Waterparks – When it is blistering hot outside, who wouldn’t enjoy a day in the water!
* Drive In Movies – There are a few still around. Scope them out and grab a pizza, some drinks, pillows and blankets and go
* Street Fairs and Festivals – Summer brings out fun street fairs, carnivals and festivals. Always a fun time
* Train Rides – If your city has a subway or train system of some sort, choose a destination and go for it
* State Fairs – A fun day or evening out. Check the concert schedule for free entertainment while there
* House Swap – Got a home in a travel destination? Look in into swapping homes with someone in the country or in a town you would like to explore
* Tour Museums and Exploratoriums – Head to the city for a fun day checking out displays and exploring science and history
* Mini Golf – Challenge the kids to mini golf tourney’s and find several different parks to try your hand at winning
* Hit the Beach – look for state beaches in smaller locales that are less popular so there is no massive crowds to contend with. Or go later in the day and have a bonfire at night
* Family Reunion – Hold a family reunion in a nice shady park with activities for the kids

Creating great memories and bonding with the family is the best part of a staycation. Low stress and saving money are the perks and this list can help spark some great ideas for your staycation this year. Share with us some of your ideas for fun vacation close to home!

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