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How to Manage Financial Stress

  I don’t think there is any one that has not had some type of financial stress at one time or another. Sure, there are different levels of stress and we all deal with stress differently. Financial stress seems to … Continue reading

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Quiz: What’s Your Financial IQ?

When we think of improving areas in our lives we often focus on exercising more, getting enough sleep, eating healthier, etc… Sometimes our financial IQ’s are overlooked and can hurt us in the end. This quiz will help you to … Continue reading

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End of Year Tax Tips You Need to Know

  The end of the year is looming and while that is great for those looking forward to a new year, it is also a reminder for small business and those with tax implications it is time to refresh and … Continue reading

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Take Control With Tips for Paying Off Student Loans

The New Year is right around the corner and becoming financially fit is on the minds of many of our readers. With student debt becoming a concern for thousands upon thousands of college graduates, knowing how to take control of … Continue reading

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How to Pay Off Your Car Loan Faster

Working toward being debt-free is a process. Getting into debt is not something that happened over night and it certainly is not something that you can clear up over night either – well, unless you win the lottery! But assuming … Continue reading

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Quick Frugal Holiday Tips for Shopping

The holidays are here and that means our budget is going to get a work out. Whether it is the big holiday meal, lots of festivities that you put on or shopping for gifts for family and friends, things can … Continue reading

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Smart Financial Tips for Small Business Owners

  There are many pros and cons for owning a small business. Most entrepreneurs find themselves starting a business because of an overwhelming urge to be creative and control their destiny but making sure that you are in a good … Continue reading

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Tips to Save for a Down Payment on Your First Home

  We all dream about buying our first home. Whether you have been a home buyer before or you are thinking about buying your first home, saving up for the down payment can be tough. Preparing for the day you … Continue reading

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5 Top Personal Finance Tips You Can Use Today

  Sometimes it is easy to think that finance tips are not for you. When many people think of finance, I think it is mainly in a business sense. But finance is also about you and your personal situation. With … Continue reading

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5 Christmas Holiday Mistakes That Will Cost You Money

  The holidays are coming at us like a freight train! I love this time of year for all of the festivities, family fun and great memories that are built. But is can also be a time of stress for … Continue reading

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