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How to Know When to Use Credit Counseling

  I think we have all been there a time or two. Feeling the strain and burden of a financial crunch is tough to manage. Whether it is from something we did by accident or the loss of a job, … Continue reading

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Tips on Planning for Retirement

  For many people retirement is a dream. Millions of people work hard all of their lives and do not get the ability to plan for their retirement in a way that is beneficial to their lifestyle. For many people, … Continue reading

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Tips to Save Even More Money Using a Wholesale Club Membership

  There are plenty of reasons that people find a membership to a wholesale club a value to their budget. Purchasing items in bulk can offer deep discounts as long as the product is something that you can use on … Continue reading

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Do You Add Some Mad Money Spending into Your Budget?

  Staying on a tight budget is a proven method for controlling your spending and saving. Without some type of guidelines for tracking spending, you can find yourself in a free for all when that paycheck hits the bank. You … Continue reading

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Are Your Teens Money Savvy? 7 Tips You Can Use

  It is tough raising children today. After all, we are told that it now costs almost $250,000 to raise a child from birth to age 18, according to CNN for 2014. That is some serious cash that we are … Continue reading

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Tips and Tricks for Back to School Savings

  It is that time of year again! How quickly it comes around, it seems. With the summer flying by, the shops are loaded with all of the back to school items you and your children need to head back … Continue reading

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7 Good Ways to Make Money on the Side

  Getting out of debt can be difficult especially when ends never seem to meet in the middle. Sometimes stretching that paycheck too far can make it snap in half. If that sounds like your situation, there is help in … Continue reading

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What’s First? Save Money or Pay Off Debt

  So many people are struggling in the financial department, either in their business or in their personal life. If you are one of those, you may take comfort knowing that you are not alone. Also take comfort that you … Continue reading

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Tips to Save on Purchases at a Dollar Store

  I think folks generally want to save money on their purchases and for some using a dollar store can be a great tool in the savings department. With the increased popularity of dollar stores in the past 10 years … Continue reading

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Need Extra Income? Look to Your Favorite Hobby

  They say that all work and no play is not good for the soul. I can relate to that. I think we all can! But sometimes we get so caught up in making money to pay off debts, we … Continue reading

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