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Money Saving Tips for Thanksgiving

  Thanksgiving is a holiday often thought of when it comes to feasts and family get-togethers. It is also a day that can end up costing quite a bit of the food budget. We all have our favorite dishes that … Continue reading

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Top Tips for Frugal Living

  Every one I know want to save money. Whether it is due to looking forward to retirement, saving for college, saving for vacations or needing to do some repairs to the home, having an extra cushion on the bank … Continue reading

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Tips for Scoring Hot Holiday Deals

I know it seems like we are really early about posting tips for the holiday season. But believe it or not, November is only a week away! I have been seeing ads and holiday goods in the stores already and … Continue reading

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The Best Financial Planning Apps

It takes practice and effort to find a suitable financial plan for your personal budget and also your business budget, should you be a small business owner. Many say that creating a habit can take up to 21 days. Tracking … Continue reading

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How to Avoid Bank Fees & Overdrafts [Infographic]

It is now extremely common for banks to charge minimum balance fees, fees for deposit/withdrawal slips, and fees for bounced checks. Accordingly it’s really important to stay aware of these possible fees to keep yourself from getting unnecessarily docked.     Here at Checks … Continue reading

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Creative Ways to Save Money in Business Start Ups

  Starting a business is both exciting and scary at the same time. There is a hundred ways to spend money in a flash with everything between getting set up with software, hardware, office space, office supplies, and more. As … Continue reading

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Tips to Save Even More Money Using a Wholesale Club Membership

  There are plenty of reasons that people find a membership to a wholesale club a value to their budget. Purchasing items in bulk can offer deep discounts as long as the product is something that you can use on … Continue reading

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5 Small Business Money Saving Tips

  We talk a lot about saving money here on the Checks-Superstore blog and rightly so. These are tough times for many families and entrepreneurs alike and we know first hand how easy it can be to suddenly be over … Continue reading

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Tips and Tricks for Back to School Savings

  It is that time of year again! How quickly it comes around, it seems. With the summer flying by, the shops are loaded with all of the back to school items you and your children need to head back … Continue reading

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Easy Ways to Save Money Around the House

  I don’t know about you but I hate to waste anything and that includes energy, food and even useful items that someone else could use. So I am always on the lookout for simple things that I can implement … Continue reading

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