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10 Crazy Tax Write-Offs

As the tax season approaches, we thought it would be fun to lighten the mood of how stressful this time of year is. Below is an infographic with 10 of the craziest tax write-offs recorded by the IRS. Share this … Continue reading

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Quiz: What’s Your Financial IQ?

When we think of improving areas in our lives we often focus on exercising more, getting enough sleep, eating healthier, etc… Sometimes our financial IQ’s are overlooked and can hurt us in the end. This quiz will help you to … Continue reading

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How to Avoid Bank Fees & Overdrafts [Infographic]

It is now extremely common for banks to charge minimum balance fees, fees for deposit/withdrawal slips, and fees for bounced checks. Accordingly it’s really important to stay aware of these possible fees to keep yourself from getting unnecessarily docked.     Here at Checks … Continue reading

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Tips for Saving Money on Groceries

  When it comes to maximizing your savings, there is one area that many people look at in their budget. The food and grocery section of your budget can be one of the easiest places to look for hidden savings. … Continue reading

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5 Money Saving Apps You Should Use

In this day and age, mobile technology is becoming more and more prevalent in every thing that we do. With the latest technology comes the latest in apps and mobile add-ons for your phones and tablets that can change the … Continue reading

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Cheap Staycation Ideas for Summer Fun

  Schools all over the US are getting out and summer vacations have officially started! Millions of panicked parents that are watching their budgets and bank accounts are probably stressing out about now on how to amuse the kidlets each … Continue reading

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DIY Home Renovation Life Hacks

Renovating your home can be a very long, tedious, and annoying task . Most of us would love to have the result but hate doing what it takes to get there. Fortunately, there are many easy alternatives to achieving the … Continue reading

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Holiday Greetings from Checks Superstore

  In this holiday season where we love to remember those that mean the most to us, we want to take a moment and thank you for being here with us. We appreciate your business and fellowship on our social … Continue reading

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Enter to Win Free Checks

Everyone loves something that is free. It is a fabulous value – why wouldn’t be since free is well, free. So when I tell you that we offer free checks, would you be excited and want to know how you … Continue reading

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Checks-Superstore President and Co-Founder, Bo Manry, Goes to Jail for MDA

Being a leader in the community has its perks in many ways and one of the best perks is that you can use your influence for those in need.  The Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) has been placing local business leaders … Continue reading

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