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Tips for Seeking Out a Business Loan

There comes a time in a business owners life where you will need more capital. It can be necessary to actually start your business and get it off the ground, or it may be to grow and expand your business. … Continue reading

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How Does FDIC Protect Me

Chances are you have seen a sign in your bank that mentions that the FDIC. There are many people that do not understand what the FDIC is or what it does for you and your deposits. It is important to … Continue reading

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How to Close a Bank Account Properly

There comes a time in everyone’s life where we have to make changes that will be annoying and tough! One of those changes that fall into that category is changing banks. No one wants to do it, but sometimes we … Continue reading

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How to Spend Your Tax Refund Wisely

  It is that time of year again. It seems to come faster and faster every year! Tax Time! But this year, we can make a difference with our tax refund and plan ahead so that when it does come, … Continue reading

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How to Manage Financial Stress

  I don’t think there is any one that has not had some type of financial stress at one time or another. Sure, there are different levels of stress and we all deal with stress differently. Financial stress seems to … Continue reading

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Where to Turn for Identity Fraud Help

  These days it is imperative that you watch your bank accounts and credit reports for evidence of identity fraud. It is happening more frequently with online purchases and security breaches everywhere we go, it seems. Personally, I have had … Continue reading

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Tips for Hiring a Small Business CPA

  As a small business professional for many years, I learned what services I can deal with on my own or in house and what services that I rely on for more professional assistance. One of the professional services I … Continue reading

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Quiz: What’s Your Financial IQ?

When we think of improving areas in our lives we often focus on exercising more, getting enough sleep, eating healthier, etc… Sometimes our financial IQ’s are overlooked and can hurt us in the end. This quiz will help you to … Continue reading

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End of Year Tax Tips You Need to Know

  The end of the year is looming and while that is great for those looking forward to a new year, it is also a reminder for small business and those with tax implications it is time to refresh and … Continue reading

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Smart Financial Tips for Small Business Owners

  There are many pros and cons for owning a small business. Most entrepreneurs find themselves starting a business because of an overwhelming urge to be creative and control their destiny but making sure that you are in a good … Continue reading

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