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Business Check Solutions for Your Company

There are many facets to running a business. Branding, accounting, payroll and sales are only a few key aspects of business ownership but all have a large impact on a business’s success. Interestingly enough there is one business item that encompasses all four of these elements-Checks. There are three forms of checks that can be streamlined to reflect on your company and provide frugal business solutions.
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Business Checks

Business checks are a physical item that represents payment from your business. Sometimes these checks can be the only interaction the recipient has with your company or the last. Many companies spend a large amount of time and money on company branding which universally reflects a business. With branding used across so many avenues including websites, social media and brochures, why not incorporate branding into checks? It is the little details that people are impressed with, remember and may result in a sale at a later date.

Checks with branding and detail add functionality and professionalism to even the smallest aspect of your business. Businesses should try to have their checks stand out and represent branding and business personality. Bank distributed checks can be expensive and lack in professionalism and company branding. By choosing a cost effective, personalized business check, companies receive good feedback, send the correct image and remain memorable to clients and vendors who may receive business checks.

Pay Roll Sheets and Checks

Accounting can be stressful and payroll only contributes to that stress. Payroll sheets and checks can include accounts payable stubs, allowing for better information not only for employees but employers as well. All involved parties are able to see where every penny is allocated thus saving time, dispelling questions and allowing for easily tracked finances. Pay roll checks can also come as computer checks (to be discussed later) which offer the option of immediate integration into business’s accounting, pay roll and employee information programs. Computer pay roll checks can also include auto fill, which is great for payroll or for frequent vendors whom businesses write checks to.

Computer Checks

Computer checks (much like business checks,) offer a fantastic option for personalization and branding of businesses. They also offer an eco-friendly and convenient option in that they can be printed from your office. No traveling to the bank for checks and no worries about lost checkbooks. Computer checks can be printed with ease at the touch of a button and are recorded easily in business accounting systems such as QuickBooks, therefore simplifying the accounting, payroll and check process. Computer checks also offer a secure option where they can only be printed with password access, making them virtually infallible. All that’s needed is the company bank routing and account number and businesses can easily be on their way to time saving, check writing.


Successful and proper uses of checks within a business are the little details to make owning a business a simpler endeavor. Company branded checks and detailed pay roll computer checks offer an effortless solution that appears professional, saves time as well as money for the busy business owner.

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