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Black Friday Savings Tips

Are you inspired to brave the crowds and head out to grab a great deal on Black Friday? If you are an experienced Black Friday shopper, then I am sure you have your routine on how you spread your shopping wings to get the deals you want. But if you are new the Black Friday craze, then you may need a few pointers on how you can make the most of your savings on Black Friday. Here are our favorite Black Friday savings tips that we use.

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1. First of all, start scouring the savings flyers and brochures that have been showing in the mailbox and newspapers.
2. Get a notepad and list in columns the store names at the top and the times they are open.
3. Make note of the products you want and the stores that carry it for the best price. You may want to include secondary stores for that product, in case they are sold out at the first.
4. Note the Doorbusters products, if there are any, and what time the sale starts and lasts on those products.
5. Organize your notes by store and by time, so if you have to be at a store at 6 am for one product and another at 7 am for a different product, you can easily see that.
6. Shop in teams so you can get what you need faster, check out and be on to the next store.
7. Make sure to bring plenty of cash and your debit or credit card so you can check out quickly. Throw your checkbook or a few personal checks in your wallet just in case there is a hot deal you saw but did not plan for.
8. Check online sales for the products you want too. Sometimes you can grab the product online at the same price and skip the store. Cyber Monday is popular for online retail sales.

That is our master plan and it works pretty well. Share your tips and tricks with us too and enjoy your shopping spree!

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