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A Quick History on Business Checks

Business checks first appeared on the scene in England in the early 1700s. These early checks were miniature works of art, printed on heavy paper and adorned with elegant handwriting. Businesses enjoyed the convenience of check writing. A check sealed a contract with written proof of payment. However, it was costly and time-consuming to write a large number of checks each month by hand. Additionally, the business needed to maintain an accurate log of all checks written in order to balance its bank accounts.


The advent of carbon paper alleviated some of the duplicate paperwork surrounding business checking account. The accountant could simply insert a piece of carbon paper between two blank checks, and maintain a record of all checks written. Paperless carbon copies presented another leap in technology for business checks, reducing the effort involved in bookkeeping.


Once computers and printers became commonplace in business, computerized business checks proliferated. In those early days of the computer craze, the checks still required a handwritten signature in order to be considered valid. The checks could be printed in a matter of minutes, once the account managed to perfectly align the pin-feed printer. However, the accountant still spent a considerable amount of time signing each check. The creation of the digital signature finally freed the world of business accounting from the mundane job of manually handling each check.


Today, affordable business checks can be purchased through a variety of sources. They come in a wide range of sizes, colors, and designs. A business can customize its checks with ease. The company logo can appear beside the address at the top of the check, or it can spread across the center of a check as a watermark. The printing on the check is clearly visible on top of the watermark. The checks are arranged on a standard size of paper that will easily feed through any printer. Combined with software designed to align the fields automatically, affordable business checks are within the reach of even the smallest company. Such software is often part of a package that allows a company to track its expenses in a computer-generated spreadsheet.


Business checks are part of a company’s overall marketing effort. They remind customers, clients, and employees that the company is professional and efficient. With the wide range of affordable business checks available in today’s market, companies large and small can take advantage of this time saving convenience.

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