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6 Financial Safety Tips for Travelers

Summer is almost here and that means an upswing in traveling for many people. Here are 6 Quick financial safety tips for you to use if you are going to be traveling at any time. You do not want your vacation deterred if you could prevent something from happening ahead of time.

1. If you are planning a trip in or out of the country, it is important to let your bank know that you will be traveling and where you will be traveling to. This way when they see charges coming into your account for out of the area they will know they are legit and won’t red flag your account.

2. If you are planning a trip either in or out of the country, it is important to let all credit card companies know that you will be traveling and where you will be traveling to. This only applies to the credit card companies who’s credit cards you will be taking with you and those who you think you will use while on your trip. Often times credit card companies will red flag suspicious charges when they are out of your local area, giving them a heads up will prevent this from happening.

3. When traveling you should take cash, traveler’s checks and credit cards with you. Some establishments will only take cash and others will only take credit cards.

4. When possible you should pay for traveler’s insurance. This will help to protect you should something happen while you are traveling. In most circumstances you can get traveler’s insurance for a reasonable price.

5. Purchase anti-theft wallets and handbags to take with you while traveling. These anti-theft wallets and handbags don’t make theft fool-proof but they can help deter criminals from slicing through your bags and yanking out your money and credit cards.

6. If you plan on carrying a lot of money or financial belongings with you on a trip it is recommended that you lock up your valuables. You can purchase a personal lock-box and pack it in your luggage. If your hotel has a safe in your room, make sure you use it! If not, inquire if they have one that you can use.

Stick around as we will have some additional travel tips for you with our next posting. Travel safe!

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