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5 Small Business Money Saving Tips

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We talk a lot about saving money here on the Checks-Superstore blog and rightly so. These are tough times for many families and entrepreneurs alike and we know first hand how easy it can be to suddenly be over spending in one area of your budget. Small businesses are not immune to the raising costs of goods and expenditures. There are areas that seem to be easier to control in your budget and we are going to share a few of the cost saving and money saving tips with you today.

In a small business setting there is so much that the owner has to do on their own, especially when it comes to a start up. The first 3-5 years are the toughest and there are places that you can cut expenses with a bit of imagination. All you need is your business plan, a target, your goals and the desire to save!

5 Small Business Money Saving Tips


* Networking does work! If you have not been networking like you know you should, get moving. Attend local mixers and networking events. Many are free or low cost and if you get into a good group, your additional business referrals can increase significantly.

* Make a friend in complementary business and combine advertising promo’s. This is a great way to cut your advertising in half on certain events.

* Join the Chamber of Commerce and work the events.
Except for the cost of membership, working the dinners, meetings, and other events are free. You can meet other business owners, member of the community and great some good publicity depending on what you do with the Chamber. Most towns have several, so try them on and find a good fit for your business.

* Start a business blog. If you do not have one on your website, add one! If you do not have a business website, get one and then add one. It is a wonderful way to add to your credibility, meet readers and customers and a great resource for low cost advertising.

* Get active on Social Media – You have been thinking bout doing it. Now is the time and it does not cost a lot to get going on your sites… It’s free! Start with one and focus a lot of your attention on sharing and soon you can add another site. Find the one that is comfortable to you and have fun with it! All it takes is your mobile phone and you can be working it!

These 5 money saving tips are easy to do for any small business no matter your size. They are very inexpensive and just take a bit of your time, but the rewards can be great. Give them a try!

image courtesy of freedigitalphotos and Boians Cho Joo Young

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