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5 More Financial Safety Tips for Travelers

In our first post about financial safety tips for travelers, we outlined 6 great tips to help you protect yourself during your travel. Here are 5 more tips for you to be aware of when you plan and prepare to leave on your next vacation.

1. Make photocopies of all important information that you think you will need. We recommend making 3 copies: (1) copy to leave at home (2) copies to take with you. If you lose one copy while traveling you will have another copy with you. Things to photocopy would include: passport documentation, driver’s license, credit cards, health insurance cards, etc.

2. Before you leave for your trip try to find out information about the financial institutions in the area you will be visiting. You can usually locate this type of information via web searches online or ask the hotel/motel staff for this information before you leave. If a financial problem should occur while traveling you will know where to turn to.

3. You will want to take along a separate wallet or other item to place all receipts from purchases into it until you get home. For everything you purchase while traveling (cash, check or credit card) you will want to obtain a receipt. Once home and your statements start rolling in you will be able to double check all charges and amounts by comparing them to the saved receipts.

4. When using a credit card while traveling and using it for purchases try to keep your eyes on your card at all times. Don’t let business staff walk out of the room with your credit card as they can make duplicate scans, etc. of your card. As much as possible you want your card within your eyesight when they are running charges on it.

5. If you have a trusted friend or family member at home, give them copies of all of your information. If you would be in an accident while traveling and can’t communicate with others, your “back-up” person at home can relay information and will know who to contact on your behalf should you need finances while traveling and injured.

Safe travels!

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