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4 Bank Fees You Never Want to Pay

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It seems like very time I turn around or open a new bill, there are additional fees tacked on for this or that. It is a fact of life and very hard to control on our end. I think that big companies figure if we add 20 cents here or 50 cents there, most people will not notice. Well, I take the time to notice and try to work around it somehow. If there are ways to opt out of the additional fee, I try and do that too. They add up over time, especially if we are getting additional fees on multiple accounts. It is like money down the drain, the way I look at it.

While I may not be able to control all of the fees that I get hit with, there are some places I can control and manage the fees. Here are several ways to control extra fees and charges from hitting your bank account. Start with these 4 bank fees you never want to pay!

1) ATM Fees – These are a huge sucker of cash especially if you are using an ATM out of your banks network. Makes me shudder. Plan ahead and use your own bank or ones in the network to save $2 – $5 per transaction.

2) Credit Card Late Fees – Late fees are a killer and can really put you behind on repayment of your balance over time. Set up an auto payment for the ones you have trouble paying on time. It is worth it!

3) Additional Credit Card Fees – Never pay for the privileged of having a credit card. Paying $60-$100 a year in fees to posses and use a card is one fee I can live without – unless there are serious savings that more than make up the fee.

4) Avoid Bounced Check Fees – These can really knock a hole in your bank account. Most banks are charging $25 -$35 per check not including any fees that the other party chooses to enforce should you owe them too. So not worth it when you can open an overdraft account at your bank or a savings account and keep an emergency backup in there. One expensive bounced check will more than pay for that fund!

By managing all of the fees that you can end up paying, you can seriously have more cash flow. What fees have you managed to cut from your bills?

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