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3 Budget Friendly Ways to Ring in the New Year

Everyone loves a party, its true, but throwing a party can mean big bucks when it comes down to it. Between the appetizers, drinks and decorations, throwing a big party can be a real budget buster. Since this is a festive and exciting time of year, we want to celebrate in fun but affordable ways so here are some budget friendly ways to ring in the New Year and have 2014 get off to a great start!

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Control the List: It is tempting to invite everyone you know for a great time, but if you are trying to keep costs down choose wisely among your friends and family. You can have a smaller more intimate affair with less guests and have just as much fun as with a full scale party.

Control the Menu: Set the time of your event so that appetizers only are acceptable instead of a full meal. It is tempting to put out multiple choices of appetizers that take a lot of time and money to prepare. Scale your choices down to 4 or 5 at most that are filling and easy to prepare ahead or just before serving. You want to spend time have fun instead of being locked in the kitchen cooking.

Control the Beverages: Having a full bar can be expensive if you do not already have the items on hand. Choose 2 or 3 alcoholic beverages and 2 or 3 non alcoholic beverages to offer your guests. You can choose to offer easy to make beverage recipes that can be made in bulk to save both time and money.

Planning ahead will make the best of your New Years Eve party and allow you to have a great time and stay on your budget

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